Monday, April 29, 2013

Iller Creek, Rocks of Sharon

This is by far my favorite hike I have done in the Spokane Area. Mossy, forested trail next to running water most of the way up. Amazing views of the city and the palouse from the top and sunny switchbacks on the way down. It was a great loop. Of course my buddies from the Inland Northwest hiking club made it a good time as well.

Tate is getting to that age where she does not want anything on her head. It is getting harder to keep a hat on her head! Well, we were a few miles in and I realized that she had thrown her hat somewhere. Not just any hat, her amazingly perfect white hiking hat that protects her neck too. I was devastated because we were doing a loop and we would not be going back the same way. I kept hoping another hiker would pick it up and take it back to the trail head. We tied a bandana on her head to protect her from the sun. She looked adorable! Like a hiking Aunt Jamima pirate baby. And she forgot it was there and didn't try to take it off her head. (I think we have discovered something for the future!) Well, when we finished the hike there was no hat. Luckily, Barbara and her sister volunteered to walk up with me till we found it. (This hat is worth it) We had already hiked 6 miles so I was grateful for the company.

30 more minutes of hiking and there it was, shining like a beacon! Someone picked it up off the trail so it would be easy to see. I was so happy! So was Tate.

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