Monday, April 29, 2013

San Tan Mountains

It is not a trip to AZ without a sentimental climb up the San Tan mountains to look down over Queen Creek. I headed up with Tate by my self one morning, I couldn't quite convince anyone else to come with me, but we had a good time together soaking up the sun on our last morning in AZ before heading home. The highlight for me was that there was something new in the spectacular view at the top that surprised me when I got up there. I could see the new Gilbert Temple! It was awesome!

My parents are moving to Gilbert this month and this was my last time at our old home that I grew up in. It was a sentimental trip. I have so many wonderful memories in that home and yard and town. I was grateful to visit the house one more time before they move. 

Peralta Trail and Canyon Lake

I love you Arizona.

I have a wonderful tradition that I I look forward to every year.  Every Spring, when I cannot take the cold weather any longer, and Erik goes on a long track trip, I head down to Arizona to thaw out, work on my tan, get some vitamin D, and of course see my awesome family. This year was especially fun because I got to take sweet Tater to visit her Nanna and Feller. We had a ton of fun. Feller has an awesome bike seat that we took Wiggles on bike rides every day. I went for long runs in the sunshine while Nana watched Tate. We layed out by the pool while wiggles explored the many wonders of Nanna and Fellers backyard. Tate chased (and caught) chickens in the neighbors yard. Lots of good times. Of course, we hiked.

One day Lyndee, Jake and I headed up the Peralta trail to Weavers needle. It was fun to get to know Jake, and I always love hiking with Lyndee. It is fun to remind her of the old days when she would whine and complain the whole time. Since then she has become quite the little outdoors girl! It was hot this day and we got a late start, but it still felt wonderful to me coming from the North pole.

After the hike we met up with Nana and Feller (who had Tater) and headed up to canyon lake. There is nothing better in the world than boating on a Arizona lake in the warm weather. We strapped Tate into her life vest and she sat on Fellers lap helping to drive the boat. The water was choppy so the wakeboarding was really tough and exhausting, but I hadn't been boarding in three years so I got in as much time as my body could handle on that rough water. It was a glorious day and I am so thankful to have been able to spend it with family.

Iller Creek, Rocks of Sharon

This is by far my favorite hike I have done in the Spokane Area. Mossy, forested trail next to running water most of the way up. Amazing views of the city and the palouse from the top and sunny switchbacks on the way down. It was a great loop. Of course my buddies from the Inland Northwest hiking club made it a good time as well.

Tate is getting to that age where she does not want anything on her head. It is getting harder to keep a hat on her head! Well, we were a few miles in and I realized that she had thrown her hat somewhere. Not just any hat, her amazingly perfect white hiking hat that protects her neck too. I was devastated because we were doing a loop and we would not be going back the same way. I kept hoping another hiker would pick it up and take it back to the trail head. We tied a bandana on her head to protect her from the sun. She looked adorable! Like a hiking Aunt Jamima pirate baby. And she forgot it was there and didn't try to take it off her head. (I think we have discovered something for the future!) Well, when we finished the hike there was no hat. Luckily, Barbara and her sister volunteered to walk up with me till we found it. (This hat is worth it) We had already hiked 6 miles so I was grateful for the company.

30 more minutes of hiking and there it was, shining like a beacon! Someone picked it up off the trail so it would be easy to see. I was so happy! So was Tate.

Slavin Ranch Conservation Area


I NEVER have lived somewhere that I had to worry about checking your body for ticks after hiking! It is so gross and people have been telling me that it is no big deal and they are only out during April and May. Luckily I have not found one on my body yet, however on this hike, every time we stopped someone had one crawling on their clothing. I wanted to die it was so gross. When we got back to the car and I took my baby carrier off, there was one crawling on Tate's hat! Ahhh! They are going after my baby!

It is too bad because the hike was gorgeous with nice weather, lots of wildlife, and a wonderful group of hikers. This conservation area is really close to where we live. It was nice to hike in my neck of the woods. Just pray I never have one of those suckers dig in on me!