Monday, April 30, 2012

Rock Canyon Rockclimbing with Pole-Vaulters

Generally this time in the track season gets a little tedious for an athlete. The season is so long and this drag in the middle is an easy time to get discouraged.  I think Erik could tell his athletes were dragging a little bit so he canceled practice today and took the pole vaulters up to Rock Canyon to do some rock climbing instead.  Pole vaulters are historically good at rock climbing and other crazy activities requiring no fear and upper body strength.  Today they did not dissapoint.

I could not figure out a way to comfortably and safely wear the climbing harness around by 37 week pregnant belly, and I knew it would be hard to hug the wall with that baby in there! So even though I felt fit enough, I opted out on climbing and stuck to taking the pictures. It was a nice, warm, overcast day.  Everything is just starting to turn green in the canyon.




 "Spider Liz"

 Coach Ras

Such a great way to spend the afternoon. We have all the gear to climb. Anytime anyone wants to shoot up to Rock or American Fork Canyon for a quick climb, let us know!

Birthday Hike, Diamond Fork Hot Springs

It is not a celebration of Nicole if there is no active lifestyle activity of some kind.  So for my birthday this year we hiked up to the Diamond Fork Hot Springs.  It is one of those classic BYU student things you always hear about everyone doing, so naturally Erik and I had never done it.  I don't know why we fought the urge to join the crowd for so long! This hike is awesome.  2.5 miles of easy uphill hiking to some warm mineral springs to soak and relax in.  Just what a 37 week pregnant women needs!

We were joined by Jessica and Sam and their two little girls, and Megan, Morgan, and Maria. It took about 3 showers to fully get the sulfur smell out of our skin and hair, but it was totally worth it. It was a fabulous hike, I can't wait to go back.  Maybe next time we could snowshoe it!

Here are the instructions to the trail head and more details on the hike if anyone is interested.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cohab Canyon and Cassidy Arch, Capitol Reef NP

I feel that as I get closer to my due date opportunities to escape to Southern Utah to enjoy the springtime weather are dwindling.  This weekend, even though Erik was at Texas Relays and my plans to camp in Moab with the Johnsons fell through; I found a way to get to Capitol Reef.  I went down with Andie and Justine for a girls hiking day. We hiked Cohab Canyon from the Fruita trailhead, linked up with the Frying Pan Trail, that took us to Cassidy Arch and finished through the Grand Wash.  The highlight of the day was we all experienced our first time hitch-hiking.  After hiking 8.5 miles through the Grand Wash we were expecting to walk along the highway the 3 miles back to our car in Friuta, but we were tired so we started throwing the thumb up as cars passed.  Eventually a nice Asian family that didn't speak much English picked us up.  They drove past us at first, but a few minutes later they came back for us.  It was awesome!


33 weeks into pregnancy and feeling awesome! I got lots of compliments from fellow hikers, and I am pretty sure that the only reason we got picked up hitch-hiking at the far end of the Grand Wash was because they felt sorry for the prego lady!

Cassidy Arch was so impressive.  I have seen pictures many times, but the real thing was so much better.  You can see how big it was underneath us.  This picture below is my new friend Lola.  She and her hubby Lyle (both 65 years old) were canyoneering through Cassidy Canyon.  We watched her owne this 200 foot rappel.  I can only hope Erik and I are still this cool when we hit our 60's.

The Grand Wash

After our hitch-hiking experience we grabbed the car and headed out to Freemont Falls to cool off swimming.  I have swam/cliff jumped here before, but his time around the water flow was much higher and turbulent.  We were to scared to actually swim this time, but we took naps on the rocks and enjoyed the mist of the falls.  Great day in Capitol Reef, I hope to get down to southern Utah at least one more time before this baby girl comes, but weekends don't look that clear from here on out, so we will see.