Monday, April 7, 2014

Fort George Wright Cemetery to Bowl & Pitcher, Riverside State Park

I started coaching track at Cheney High School, and I am loving it. I basically just bring Tate to practice and meets so she runs around has a great time. This last Saturday our team traveled to a invitational up in Colville, where the weather was supposed to be cold, wet, snowy, windy, and terrible. I didn't want to have Tate in that kind of weather all day. She is pretty easy to dress warm and tolerate the cold for a few hours, but I was worried about her being cold if she was outside all day long. So I opted to stay home from that track meet, which was good, I found out later they had 3 or 4 thunderstorm delays and didn't get home to Cheney until 1am.

Anyways, the point is, the weather in Cheney that day was glorious! So we joined up the the INH group and hiked a nice seven miles along the Spokane River. We started at the Fort George Wright Cemetery and followed a nice trail all the way to the Bowl and Pitcher area in Riverside state park. There is in incredible suspension bridge there and the river was roaring though that narrow part of the river with the Spring run off. The whole way Tate kept saying, "Water, Pretty" or "water, swimming" She wanted to jump in the river so badly! I hope she lasts a few more months till it is warm enough to swim outside.

At the very beginning of the hike we passed through a tiny little meadow, as we walked through it Tate kept yelling, "Night-Night Bunny! Night-Night-Bunny". It was cute but we didn't think much of it. Then, 3 hours later, on the way back when we passed through that same meadow Tate suddenly started yelling loudly, "Wake-up Bunny! Wake-up Bunny!". It was way to cute that she had remembered putting the imaginary bunny to sleep in that same spot hours earlier. 

Don lead the hike, he is an 88 year old man who can out-hike and out-paddle the best of them. What an inspiration for lifelong longevity! He says the secret to his success was that he never stopped moving, don't let more than two days go by without doing something active.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hog Lake, Folsom Farm

Nice hike to a hidden gem South of Cheney. We are loving that the weather is starting to warm up and that the sun is actually shining!

This is Karen J, she leads many of the hikes for the Inland Northwest Hikers. She is my absolute idol, she has done so much work through the Washington Trails Association and the Sierra Club to make the trails that we enjoy available. A true outdoors-woman, conservationist, and lifetime hiker. She is also kind enough to let Scout play with Tate every hike.

I am worried that Tater isn't going to let me carry her in the pack for long periods of time for much longer so we are trying to squeeze in as much hiking as possible before that day comes!