Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mt. Spokane Snowshoe Summit

Oh the joys of having Erik home for a weekend! The much awaited week between conference and nationals that Erik gets to stay home is always a fun one. Since the weather was going to be a warm 50 degrees in the foothills, we figured conditions up on the mountain would be pretty mild and that this would be a good day to take the baby up there. Plus, we haven't used our snowshoes nearly enough this winter.

Mt Spokane also seemed like a good choice with the baby because the back side of the mountain is a ski resort, while the front side has the trails. So when we got to the summit we had a nice little cabin snack shack up there to drink some hot coco and feed the little one. So maybe this is not our typical summit, but it was a fun and beautiful hike non the less. We had amazing views of this new landscape we live in. We could see the plains of Eastern Washington, all the mountains of Northern Idaho and all the way to Canada (maybe). Tate has graduated from the front carrier to the hiking backpack and she was loving the new ride. It was a steep climb and we had a ton of fun.

Check out our route and elevation profile from our GPS data.

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