Friday, March 29, 2013

Dad Can Sew!

Erik has always wanted to learn how to sew so he could make his own camping gear. Tate needed a sleeping bag so this was the perfect opportunity for Erik to get a project going. So I taught him a few sewing basics, he did a practice project by making Tate a blanket, and then he ordered the materials and made her a sleeping bag! It turned out perfect. Erik was very meticulous about cutting out, pinning, sewing straight, and if necessary picking out seams and re-doing them. He has always been good at completing projects with perfection and does quality work in every aspect of his life.

We went camping down in Steamboat Rock State Park last weekend. That night the desert temperatures dropped to 23 degrees. This little beauty kept Tate warm all night long. I was so impressed with Erik. He is the best Dad to our little one. I still can't believe I was so lucky to snatch him up!

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Malinda said...

This is soo cool! Good job EriK!!