Sunday, March 17, 2013

Deep Creek Canyon, Riverside State Park

Ever since we moved to Washington I have been meaning to call my old friend and teammate Kelly J to get together. She lives in Spokane and we have tried to see each other a few times but one thing or another interrupted plans. Well, we FINALLY connected this Saturday and we met up for a morning hike in Riverside State Park. It was so fun to see her again. She really cracks me up and we had so much fun laughing about old times on the BYU track team.

The hike was number 17 in my Inland Northwest Hiking book, a nice 5 miler into Deep Creek Canyon. It had it all: dark mossy forest, flowing rivers, basalt spires, lots of birds, and several cliff overlooks of 9 Mile Reservoir and the Spokane River Gorge. Tate had been awake since 3:30 AM and I thought for sure she could finally conk out on the hike but the scenery was so nice even she stayed awake the whole time. She was happy and content to just look around and enjoy the morning.

After the hike Tate and I headed over to Spokane Falls Community College where Erik was at a track meet with the EWU team. It was the first outdoor meet of the season, and it was awesome to have Erik home all weekend.

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