Friday, August 10, 2012

Battle Creek Falls, Wasatch Front

Rachelle and Cody are here to visit! My amazing sister and her adorable son rolled into town last night on a quick weekend trip to Utah. Cody got to meet his little wiggles cousin and sleep in our magic cave basement. We have loved seeing them. Today we hiked up to Battle Creek Falls.  A short, family friendly hike in Pleasant Grove.  Erik and I have never hiked it, it always seemed too easy and short to be worth it.  But it was the perfect hike for 2.5 year old Cody.  He basically ran the whole way.

Auntie Lyndee and Cody rolling on the trail

Tate is now facing front in her carrier.  She hated facing in, she likes to see the action

View of the falls at the top

Rocky and CodeMan

My wonderful hubby and 2.5 month old little one
Nice little morning trip into the hills! Also, good start to the special day. Erik and I celebrate our five year anniversary today.

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