Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bells Canyon, Wasatch Front

We have some big peaks planned for the end of the summer.  So we are trying to get into the mountains every chance we can get to try and get our hiking legs back after having the baby. Last weekend we tried a new trail up in Salt Lake near the entrance of Little Cottonwood canyon called Bells Canyon.  Bells canyon is a long, deep, beautiful canyon with cascading falls, lush vegetation, and a rocky cirque. The trail was steep, but the effort was well worth the scenery.

We were finally able to hike with our friends Brittan and Ben and Lyndee was there as well.  It worked out really well.  We hiked in about 1 mile to the first reservoir and we stopped so I could feed Tate while the men fished.  Then we continued up the trail to the lower falls.  It was a stair case of rock which never seemed to end. We tried to find the upper falls but ended up needing to stop to feed the little wigs again.  By the time she was done eating there were thunderstorms rolling in so we decided to get down from the mountain. We stopped again at the reservoir to fish but it started pounding rain and we didn't have anything to keep baby warm so we booked it back to the car. 

It has been so fun having Lyndee (aka Auntie Nunks, a nickname from Erik) here this summer.  She has been a huge help with Tate and she has been my new lifting partner.  I wish she would stay in Utah forever!

We kept with tradition and stopped for pizza at The Pie on our way home.  That is one reason why we love hiking the peaks in Salt Lake. If anyone in interested in doing this hike there is more info here.

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