Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Baldy, Wasatch Front

Friday we headed out on our first peak summit with Tate.  While we have had fun doing lots of little hikes we have yet to really jump back into hiking and do any significant peaks.  This was our first big one.  Big Baldy is a nice summit on the front side of Mt. Timpanogogs. It is the big green peak to the right of the G mountain.  While it looks like a little peak it is actually pretty significant at 8780 ft elevation.  The hike requires over 3,000 feet of vertical climbing.

 Tate knows that hydration is the key to success.

We realized that we are actually pretty out of shape on this hike.  I have been prego, and Erik's life had been crazy with track season since January.  It was hot, we didn't start till 11 and it was STEEP! It took 2.5 hours to the top, including a stop to feed Tate.  This same hake last year would have been cake.  We actually both kinda wanted to turn back a few times, but I had been up this trail earlier this year with my cousin Kiara and I knew that if I didn't summit this peak today I never would, so we gutted it out.  I am so glad we did. We got a second wind once the trail opened up on the saddle on the back side and we had some rewarding views.  It was amazing at the top

On the way down we stopped again to feed the little wiggles. We have the feeding while hiking system down.  We have a nice lightweight butterfly chair we can set up anywhere. I am practically Mother Earth out there! It was only a little awkward when a group of people on horseback went by! On the way down some nice clouds set in and it was nice and cool with sprinkles.  So refreshing on a hot day.  Great hike, it felt really good to do something very physically hard and challenging. I haven't really pushed myself since Tate was born and this felt like a big accomplishment.

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