Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mt Timpanogos

My sister Lyndee has been living in Utah all summer. We have had so much fun lifting weights, cooking, meals, hiking, walking, and watching Tate together.  Our grand finale of the summer was a sister hike up Timp.  Just she and I.  We left little Tate with Erik and grandma (who was here for education week) and headed out. This was my first full day away from the baby.  She did great, I think it was harder on me than her.

We wanted to leave the apartment after Tate's morning feeding which was usually at 4 or 5 am. But Tate slept till 6 so we didn't get out the door till 6:30.  We didn't mind the extra sleep. We both chugged a shake down for breakfast on our ride up the canyon and hit the trailhead at 7:00.

There were lots of people on the Aspen grove trail since the Tinpoonooke trailhead is closed, that is the one thing I don't like about hiking timp, there are some parts of the trail where you are just in line. But the beauty makes it worth it.  We took 4.5 hours to the summit, and 3.5 coming down.  Lyndee and I just chugged along at a nice steady pace.  It was gorgeous and such a fun hike. 

At the summit we took our shoes off and took a nap in the sun on the warm rocks. Lyndee did awesome.  We were both wearing BYU track shirts and we got so sick of people asking us if we were on the track team.  I am sorry, but no we aren't.  I am old, and she likes to wear my clothes.

This #2 photo is of important significance.  Up on the mountain you are in some serious exposure, there is pretty much no tree coverage for a few hours.  Well, I really needed to pee, so after some clever scrambling I found a place hidden in the rocks where other hikers would not see me.  Well, a number one turned into a number two. . . and Lyndee and I spend the next hour laughing about taking a nunk on the very top of that mountain, not very far away from so many people. . . you had to be there.

We were SO TIRED when we made it back to the car, but this is one of those things she had to do before we left utah, and I needed to do it one more time before I left this great state as well.  This was my second time to the summit.  3rd time to the saddle, and 4th time to the lake.  Oh Timpanogos, how I will miss you, always looking down over us.

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Jenna T said...

Hhaha love the #2 story... "taking a nunk?" haha i have never heard that before, but it made me lol.
I am subscribing to your blog! So glad I came upon it!