Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th July Weekend, Grand Teton NP, Day 3, Jenny Lake

Day 3 in the Grand Teton National Park we found ourselves on one of the most scenic trails in the park.  We did the full loop around Jenny Lake with a short detour to Hidden Falls up Cascade Canyon.  Everyone in our camping party joined us on the nature walk except Brandon, our chief outdoorsman who couldn't resist another opportunity to fish the Madison river in Yellowstone.  So me, Erik, Trisha, her friend Carrie, Kyle, Jen (who's parents named her for Jenny Lake), Makayla, and Cambree braved the Sunday tourist crowd at the Visitor Center where our trail began.  The total hike was 7.5 miles, I have included some of my favorite photos.

 Group shot at Hidden Falls


Glorious day to finish up a glorious weekend.  I still stand by my conviction to return to the Tetons again one day so Erik and I can climb The Grand, I can't help it, the mountain calls to me.

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Emilee said...

oh my gosh! so jealous! my family has floated the snake SO many times, love it so much! i even went for youth conference and in my ysa ward. we love jaxon hole and the tetons and the snake. looks like you had fun! we should get the nevitts to do it together!