Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th July Weekend, Grand Teton NP, Day 2, Snake River Rafting

Day 2 in the Tetons found us setting out for the Snake River for some white water rafting.  Because of the mass amounts of snow this year, and the late snow melt, the river was running at about 25,000 cubic feet of water per second.  It was very high and fast.  Also because of a recent landslide, there was a few new rapids that aren't typical.  When your guides, the Grossarths, who have been down this portion of the river 100 times are nervous, that may be reason to worry.  Thanks to the expertisse of our trusty experts Kyle and Jen, we made it through all the rapids without flipping or losing anyone. . . I guess that is a successful trip.

You can see how scary the water looks

Pushing off at the beginning of our run

The trip took one hour to paddle, it normally takes 2 hours, that roaring water just had us flying through the rapids! When we were done we hiked down to the "Lunch Counter" where we ate our lunch and watched boats go through this particularly exciting portion of rapids.  These next couple pictures aren't of us, but I snapped a few of the boats coming through.

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