Saturday, June 18, 2011

Horsetail Falls, Lone Peak Wilderness, Wasatch Range

Glorious hike today up the Dry Creek trail to Horsetail Falls.  We were joined by friends from the Y's strength staff, Josh, Brandon, Trisha (with dogs Briar and Lander), Kyle, Jen (With their girls Makayla and Cambri), and Andrea (Josh's former GA from NAU).  Perfect weather, trail conditions, views, and company. 

Half of the group turned back after the waterfall, but a few of us continued onward determined to find a nice loop trail that we had read about. After following the wrong trail twice, and finally locating the right one, we decided to just turn back the way we came.  Josh's face fits into words how the boys in the group were feeling.  So we hurried down the trail, hoping to find the rest of our group.  We caught them just as they were pulling out of the trailhead parking lot.  So glad we did because we decided on a rendezvous back at JCW's for some excellent burgers and milkshakes.  Josh's face refelcted much happiness after getting some food back into him.

For anyone interested in going on this great half day hike, trail description and directions is provided below:

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