Sunday, June 5, 2011

Capitol Reef Day 2: Burro Wash

Day 2 in our Capitol Reef weekend took us deep into the backcountry of the park.  We did some non-technical canyon hiking in Burro Wash, a great slot canyon that can be done technically, or non-technically depending on which direction you come from.  Since we had Makayla (5) and Jen was carrying baby Cambri, we opted to go the non-technical hiking route.

The first couple miles were pretty uneventful walking up the wash, we kept entertained by counting the types of wild flowers we saw and stacking additional rocks on cairns we saw along the way.  Once we entered the park boundary and the wash cut into the waterpocket fold things began to get interesting.

When the canyon really hit the narrow sections with our first major obstacles, it started to get a bit too narrow to carry the baby carrier and keep it steady so it wouldn't tosstle around too much.  So Jen and little Cambri stopped about here while Kyle G, Makayla, Kyle T, Erik and I continued through the slot.  I was really impressed with 5 year old Makayla, she loved to be in front and kept calling to us to hurry up when she was waiting for us to maneuver the difficult scrambles we lifted her up.  It was a kids paradise: tons of scrambling, a little bit of wading through pools, and dark narrow slots, so much fun!

One really long pool of water that Erik and Kyle T stemmed over the top of.  Kyle G opted to just carry Makayla through it. Good choice I would say.

Eventually we reached a point where the slot was impassable. Nice, impressive chamber.  It is the same spot where the 4th rap comes into if you are doing the canyon from the top down. We had a quick snack and then hurried back to where we left Jen and Cambri.

We were expecting the hike back to the car to be tedious in the hottest part of the day, however it went alot faster than on our way there.  Probably because we knew that a nice swimming hole was calling our names.

The total hike ended up being about 8 miles.  Canyon description provided below if anyone wants more details on how to find the trailhead and what to expect.

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Chris said...

Looks like a blast! Thanks for posting.