Sunday, March 27, 2011

Canyonlands Half Marathon

Great race down in Moab, UT, March 15, 2011.
Runners: Nicole (1:46), Lyndee (2:44), Julie (5 mile), Cameron (1:53), Kiara (2:44),  Mckesha (1:40)

Because of problems with my IT band and getting sick in the weeks prior to the race I had given up any hope of running a good time.  I had readjusted my goals to finishing and having a fun time.  There would be future races to try and PR.  So I was amazed when my knee was pain free at mile 6 and my body felt amazing! I started running a little bit stronger each mile, and ended up finishing about 11 min off of my previous PR.  Had an incredible experience running.

I took a few photos at the start of the race before I ditched my camera in my sweat bag.  It was a beautiful morning about 55 degrees with a strong cold wind that we ran headfirst into the entire race.

Lyndee and Kiara ran together the entire time, it was inspiring to see those two finishing strong together.

The fam after the race.  Lyndee and I both ran strong, Mom dominated the 5 mile race, and Papa rented a bike for the day and spent his time cycling up to portions of the race to take photos.  Great race, I will definitely come back in future years to run again.

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