Monday, August 25, 2014

Bike the Trail of the Hiawatha, YW High Adventure

When I was a young women I always swore that when I grew up and became a leader in the Young Women's Organization we would do lots of adventurous things like the boys always got to do, but we never did. So I have been trying to accomplish this goal! This summer we organized a YW high adventure. On the first day we hiked Mineral Ridge up above Lake Cour D' Alene. It was gorgeous and the girls played the rhyming game the whole way up to take their minds off the uphill burn.  We spend the afternoon swimming in the lake, and then camped in the Beauty Creek Campground.

The next day we headed up to the Trail of the Hiawatha. This in one of the most scenic bike trails in the US. It was an old rail line through the Bitterroot Mountains, that was abandoned and converted into a bike trail. It is complete with long dark tunnels, high trellis bridges through rugged mountain landscape. This ride is pretty famous in the Inland Northwest, so we have heard about it since moving here, I was so pumped to get to go and take the YW on a trip they may never have gotten to do. It was such an adventure!

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