Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Presidents Day, Spokane River Loop, Riverside State Park

One year ago on Presidents day we were enjoying our holiday by trekking up Y mountain with friends on snowshoes. I remember having Spring fever so badly that day, being sick of the snow and ready for real hiking (or was I sick from being pregnant. . . hard to remember). Fast forward one year and here we are in Washington still looking for some way to get outside and some how usher in warmer weather. As if being outside and wishing it may help Spring to hurry back.

We recently received this awesome trail guide book for Christmas (Thanks Matt). It covers the good hikes in this new area we live in. We figured a good place to start is close to home, we will start with the hikes closest to us and then slowly start checking them off! Luckily for us the snow has been melting down here in the foothills and river bottoms. Trails in these places are starting to thaw and get some traffic. I thought this might be the perfect day to head over to Riverside State Park to check it out and cross of hike number 16 in the book. We have been meaning to explore this wilderness that is seemingly right in the middle the city of Spokane.

After Erik finished his morning practice with his athletes we bundled up the baby and headed out. The trail was icy right at the beginning, but once we ventured past where most people walk and dropped down by the river the trails were clear. We cruised an easy 5 mile loop and saw deer and osprey. I really wanted to see a porcupine since we had heard of lots of people seeing them in the area recently, but alas no quills to be found. Erik heads off to Bozeman, MT this week for the Big Sky Indoor Conference championships so I am really glad we got to spend a whole day together before he heads out.

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