Friday, December 28, 2012

Tate's first Christmas: English Point and Hayden Lake Sportsmans Park

This year we had Christmas on our own. This was the first time we weren't visiting either or our parents for the holidays. After being apart all Fall, and the stress of moving we just wanted to be together. Traveling seemed like more stress than we wanted. As the holiday approached I worried that I would get really homesick, but I didn't at all. We actually had a great time starting traditions together and it was a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Eve we spent in the kitchen making treats and food for the following day. We had a big mexican feast, just like the Nevitt's do every C Eve, had a nice fire and watched Elf by the light of the Christmas tree.

On Christmas morning it was so much fun waking Tate and bringing her in for her first Christmas. The best surprise was that one of Santas helpers snuck into our kitchen in the middle of the night and did the huge stack of dishes I had left from the day before. The kitchen was squeaky clean. No mom could ask for a better Christmas miracle. Thanks hubby!

We opened our stockings from Grandma & Grandpa Rasmussen. That was Tate's favorite part, she loved that more and more goodies kept being pulled out of that magical red stocking. Erik says his favorite memory from the day was Tate's face when we put the stocking in front of her. Such excitement! Erik and I both got each other boots. I got him a nice snow boot and he got me a new pair of hiking boots. Aren't we romantic? Tate got a big set of wooden blocks and some clothes from Santa  and a new pair of beautiful Nike tennis shoes from Nana and Feller. She has been playing with the bows on the presents all December, I think she will be sad to see those go.

After presents we heard a rumor that the Lucas's all got snowshoes for Christmas, so we headed up to Hayden, ID to help them try them out. Erik had made a neat device to pull Gavin in a sled and we wanted to try it out. We went to English Point on Hayden Lake, but there was not enough snow to use them! We all put the shoes on, that takes time let me tell you. And then after walking for only 30 feet or so, Brenda stepped in a massive dog poo and it was clear than there wasn't enough snow to use the shoes. So we ended up just hiking on muddy trails instead. It was still fun for Erik and I, trying out new trails, but I think the boys were not pleased with the outcome. Oh well, we tried. Jackson described the hike well, "we could have just done that in our backyard!"


Next we headed out to the Sportsman's Park. I really nice picnic area on Hayden Lake. The lake was partially frozen over so we threw rocks as high as we could to see if we could get them to break through the ice.  We were surprised how few actually broke through. It was a gorgeous spot and lots of fun.

By now we were a hungry bunch so we headed back to the Lucas's for a big Christmas dinner. Ham, potatoes, bacon wrapped green beans, rolls, and sour cream apple pie for dinner. After dinner we sat by the fire and read some of grandma Rasmussen's Christmas memories. She had compiled them into a big book. My favorite thing was learning about the big tradition that stockings are in the Rasmussen family and reading about memories Jane had over the years of making and filling those stockings each Christmas. So much fun, we were grateful to have some family near by to spend the day with.

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