Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day on the Pfeifferhorn, Wasatch Range

We celebrated Labor Day with a sweet summit up the Pfeifferhorn. We were joined by Brittan and Ben Parker and the old hiking pro himself, Coach Legas. It was a fantastic hike with rewarding views the entire distance and a great scramble over a knife edge and up the face of the peak. Coach Legas wasn't feeling up to his usual speed walk up the mountain, so I was really grateful when he took the lead away from speedy Erik, and we got to summit at a much more leisurely pace. My 16 mile run two days before had my legs pretty wore out. We saw two moose on the way up, and Erik and Ben fished in Red Pine Lake on the way down. Check out the pictures!

Here is a link to a hike description if anyone is interested in doing this hike

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Kevin and Mindy Sagers said...

I loved your comment on my blog. Just imagine it's me singing those words to you. That will make it even more special. haha! This hike looks way fun. I love how hard core Coach Legas is. Looks like you guys are having a blast.