Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tibble Fork Trail, American Fork Canyon

We had a pretty tedious week because we moved into our fabulous new apartment.  All of the packing, cleaning, and moving was really getting to us.  Alan and Lyndee came up from Arizona with the truck to help us move and they were a huge help.  My mom also flew up on Friday to help.  By Friday we had all of our stuff moved into the new place and all of the cleaning done in the old place so we decided to reward ourselves by getting up into the mountains on Saturday to try out a new trail. My siblings weren't the most excited about the idea, Alan fought us tooth and nail the whole morning, but we knew he was just talk and that he would actually have an amazing time. They should have known when you come to stay with the Rasmussen's you should expect to go on at least one hike!

We started our hike from the Tibble Fork Reservoir up American Fork Canyon.  The trail goes all the way to Mill Canyon Peak, but our goal was just to make it 3 miles to the Ridge Trail and climb from there until we had good views of the backside of Mt. Timpanogos.  It was a really nice trail, with a lot of mountain bikers on it, we only saw 2 other hikers.  We had great views of Box Elder Peak and the Little Cottonwood Ridge most of the way. We ate lunch at the intersection with the ridge trail.  After we made it to the ridge trail we probably only had to hike another 15 minutes until we were high enough for 360 degree panoramas plus the view of the backside of Timp. 

Great 8 mile hike, we all ended up having a really fun time.  We want to come back in the winter to snowshoe to the top of Mill Canyon Peak.  I have included the link to the hike description if anyone is interested in doing this hike and wants to know how to get to the trailhead.


Kat said...

You moved?! Where? Now I am the only one with a easy bake oven :(

Malinda said...

Mandatory hiking? I knew there was a reason I stay with other people when I come to UT!