Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Emerald Pools, Zion National Park

Sunday Morning before we headed back to the snow covered mountains of Provo, we felt the need to enjoy the sunny weather just a bit more.  So we did a quick "nature walk" up to the Emerald Pools in Zion Canyon.  It was a little chilly in the morning and the sun was just peaking its face into the canyon.  Beautiful little 2 mile hike to stretch the legs out before the car ride home that day. 

The lower pools waterfalls

The upper pools waterfall

We sat by the pools a bit enjoying the sun and did a little Sunday meditation.  It was amazing watching the clouds fly by that bright blue sky.  After enjoying the views and feeling such gratitude for the beautiful Earth that we live on, we headed back down the trail, and remorsefully left my favorite place in the whole world.

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